Our Motto

Integrity and Diversity

We are surrounded by so much technology these days, that you need to be an expert to be able to put it all together to build a solution. That’s where we come in. We are often referred to as an integrator, and that is exactly what we do.

We make off the shelf products work together to provide you a solution that just works. Whether that be your emails, phones, databases, equipment on the warehouse floor, we’ll look after it!

What if you need more than off the shelf? That’s when our software development capabilities will add that extra glue you need to make it all work efficiently, and provide you that edge over your competitors – as you’ll possess something that they don’t have!

We understand that traditionally IT companies and software development companies are not meant to reside under one roof, but that’s why we are different. Give us a go!

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Commitment to Sustainability

Crawford IT takes its responsibility for managing our environmental and social impacts seriously. As a technology company, we are responsible for deploying and consuming a large amount of IT hardware that eventually becomes e-waste. We participate in donation and e-waste recycling programs to ensure hardware is disposed responsibly.



About Our Founder & Director

Philip Chau | Founder, Principal Consultant

Philip is known by his clients as ‘a good guy to work with’ because of his experience, honesty, and integrity.

Armed with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Comp. Sys) and as a seasoned IT and Technology professional with diverse national and local industry experience, Philip problem solves complex tasks, resolves technical and strategic issues with an eye for detail, persistence and a healthy dose of common sense.

He brings more than a decade of industry experience as co-founder of two other IT companies prior to Crawford IT, and has worked at other large national IT firms.

When he is not devising digital delights, Philip continues to widen his knowledge and experience through traveling and meeting people and businesses around Australia.