Operating in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector presents many challenges.

We work closely with NFP organisations to ensure your technology is running to allow you to be in the community doing good things for your people.

NFP organisations don’t generally have extensive resources to invest in technology. Therefore, the more streamlined we can make the back-admin technology infrastructure, the better.

Change is constant, as is the pressure to raise funds, the impact of government policy, and changing demographics.

The two things we observe consistently at NFP organisations are:

  1. Marketing Is Increasingly Technology-Driven
    The rise of technology has made it easier to reach audiences. With this comes the volume of marketing material put in front of an audience, and it is getting harder and harder to stand out. Efficient systems that manage this process is key to running lean, and to ensure you never forget anyone.
  2. Privacy Laws and Cyber Security Affect Not For Profits Too
    Where data is stored, and the risk of a data breach are top of mind for NFPs. Unlike commercial customers, NFPs may not have the budgets required to engage consultants, manage, or monitor their technology which can spell disaster.

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