We provide outsourced IT support for SMB and SME, offering the flexibility of Managed or Outsourced Agreements.

Despite our focus on Cloud, we still provide all the services of your traditional IT company.
Managed Services, Helpdesk, Migrations, Supply & Install of computer equipment, Consulting

You’ll find a quick comparison of the differences between Managed Services and Outsourced Services here.

For an in depth comparison of our Managed offerings, click here.

Managed Services is the most popular for Small Businesses (SMB) with no internal IT capabilities.
You’ll get all our Managed Services modules including:

  • Managed Helpdesk (equivalent to an IT support person)
  • IT Management (equivalent to an IT Manager who acts as the decision maker)
  • Monitoring
  • Consulting Services

For Outsourced Services, this is suitable if you an have IT Manager or Support person already and are looking to knowledge share. It is great insurance to ensure your network continues to operate seamlessly if any of your IT staff decide to move on.


Of course, we have all your usual vendors on board. Here are some to name a few.

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