Monthly Service Fee Change from 1st July 2024

As you know, Crawford IT prides itself on delivering high quality value-added IT services to its customers.

We like to provide certainty to our customers when it comes to our fees, and rarely change any fees unless forced to do so. As you have noticed, the current climate has seen an unprecedented rise in costs for labour.

Our monthly service fee directly impacts our staff, and our ability to retain our staff.

Cybersecurity has continued to be a big topic (and rightly so). As a continuation from last year, we have been involved with more Cybersecurity discussions and conducting assessments for customers who are choosing to take out Cyber Insurance as part of our services fee.

We have been also pushing out our Essential 8 audits, which have been taking between 2-4 weeks to generate per client, which is a huge amount of value and goodwill we are providing to ensure our clients have the very best available information to them regarding the security of their networks. We partnered with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to ensure our advice is consistent with the Government’s advice.

As an operating change, we have also been extending our helpdesk hours to assist those who are working longer hours. Most customers who joined us at the start would have been accustomed to business hours coverage of 9am – 5pm. This has been extended over the years, but from 1st July 2024 this will now cover from 7.30am – 6.30pm during business days.

We are only reviewing monthly services fees, not the total monthly invoice which may include other products and services. We are writing to you to advise that as of 1st July 2024, we will be increasing your monthly services fee by the amount we have proposed.

We trust you find this acceptable, and we look forward to our relationship continuing to grow.

We cannot thank you enough for your support.

If any of this is of concern or create financial pressure for you, please do reach out to your account manager or our accounts team and we will assist.

Yours sincerely

The Crawford IT Team