Things You Should Know About Your Managed IT Solutions Provider

What You Should Ask Your IT Solutions  Provider

In this day and age, most businesses have shifted towards utilising cloud-based services for either storage, hosting or system infrastructure. Whatever the case, if you are without a managed IT solutions provider to help maintain your networks, you could find yourself in trouble.

A managed IT solutions provider will play an essential role in the upkeep and overall health of your servers. However, the questions to ask yourself are, what am I looking for from my managed IT solutions provider and what questions should I be asking them.

While employing a managed IT solutions expert to help seamless operations continue at your business, it’s crucial to take an interest in how your provider handles their business. We’ve listed a few things that you really should know about your managed IT solutions provider before enlisting their services.

What are their qualifications?

You’ll need to know that whoever you are dealing with has up to date certifications and accreditations proving that they are capable in their field. At Crawford IT, we only offer services that we can perform at the highest industry standard and every member of our team is appropriately skilled.

A provider should be able to visibly demonstrate that they are following industry trends and are continuing a steady level of professional growth. There should also be a significant amount of evidence of internal training to make sure that everyone in the team remains continuously ahead of the grain.

Many industry certifications can be difficult to acquire, so it’s worth inquiring with your managed IT solutions provider precisely what qualifications they hold. A company that doesn’t value ongoing training, education and upskilling won’t get you very far in the world of managed IT solutions.

What are your specialties?

There are so many areas to consider when it comes to IT, and naturally, employees diversify their strengths. Asking your managed IT solutions provider who is in charge of each area is a reliable way to ensure that you’re getting the best person for your targeted service.

At Crawford IT, you won’t ever pay for services that you don’t use, and we will carefully communicate with and assist you in selecting an option that benefits your business the most. Whether it’s security, cloud upgrades or support our managed IT solutions team will be there for you.

Why do you use specific programs?

It can be an enlightening question to ask why exactly your managed IT solutions provider wants to use specific programs. Evaluating the best programs to apply for a task is a considerable part of managed IT solutions, and if you can understand why a particular application is superior, then it could help you use it at its full potential.

The team at Crawford IT is here to help, so give us a call today and enlist our managed IT solutions today!