Reasons Crawford IT Soars Above Other IT Companies In Adelaide

You Can’t Go Past Crawford IT!

Deciding on hiring IT solutions professionals can be a challenge with such a saturated market and especially when you have limited IT experience yourself. Crawford IT makes it easy however with its comprehensive IT solutions that are bounds ahead of other IT companies in Adelaide.

The team at Crawford IT was created as a direct result of the increased demand for specialist IT companies with a significant focus on Cloud. So, we developed expertise regarding Cloud transitions as well as integrating existing systems with the Cloud, regardless of whether the development of new software is needed or not.

We still offer all of the services that other IT companies in Adelaide do including managed services, helpdesk, monitoring and outsourcing but our Cloud-based knowledge and industry diversity set us apart from other IT companies in Adelaide.

The Crawford IT Objective

It has always been a vision of ours to provide our clients with elite services that assist and contribute meaningfully to advancing the wellbeing and growth of their business. Our entire approach revolves around the excellence and wholeness of our services as well as the timeliness, especially when compared to other IT companies in Adelaide.

We promote efficiency by sticking to the areas in which we excel and offer where we offer surpassed expertise comparable to other IT companies in Adelaide. The industry knowledge and experience that our employees have garnered continues to improve and operate at the highest level.

Business never stops, and that’s why we make ourselves available to assist you whenever it is that you need us. With our excellent systems and people in place to use them as well as prioritising commitment, teamwork and passion it’s easy to see why Crawford IT stands out from other IT companies in Adelaide.

Cloud Establishment and Hosting

Similarly to other IT companies in Adelaide, we can help you to migrate your existing data or application to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, our privately hosted data centres or Cloud-Hosted voice with 3CX. However, where we differ is our strength to integrate the different applications, as well as back to your existing applications.

It’s possible for the team at Crawford IT to integrate applications that do not have an open API using middleware. We have our impressive software development capabilities that you can utilise!

We also provide telecommunications links via our wholesale agreements with Vocus and TPG, which includes “peering” to Azure and AWS that provides you with unlimited data to your own hosted environments.

Forget the other IT companies in Adelaide and give Crawford IT a call for your next project, whether it’s merely moving emails to Office 365, converting to your application or existing phone system to VOIP/SIP or perhaps a complete overhaul of software integration or development, we have you covered.

Let’s have a chat today so we can help you!