Don’t Struggle Any Longer! Let Crawford IT’s Computer Support Help You

Unlimited Computer Support

While we live in a time where a whole generation of kids entering the SA workforce have grown up with computers and are reasonably competent at using them effectively, there are still many people who are struggling to keep up with changing technology.

Changing technology and valued employees who may not be able to adapt to innovations can negatively impact your business. However, these employees would benefit greatly from the computer support available from Crawford IT SA.

Asking for help about your computer has never been more straightforward using the managed network and IT support offered by Crawford IT SA. Our managed services can be the catalyst your business has been looking for to improve and boost your workplace’s productivity.

What kind of computer support is available in SA?

With Crawford IT’s managed IT services we provide unlimited business hours helpdesk support for you and your workplace. Our skilled team is capable of solving any computer support issues that may arise and can confidently guide workers in the right direction and how to avoid any further problems.

Alongside our unlimited helpdesk support, we also extend unlimited business hours alongside ad-hoc SA callouts for issues that need a hands-on approach from a professional. Our friendly and approachable team endeavour to help wherever they can and present themselves as a reliable source of information regarding all of your computer support.

We know that managed IT services and extended computer support frees up staff to work on the jobs they have been assigned instead of absorbing excess work unrelated to their area of speciality. The team at Crawford IT SA thrives in providing computer support that helps a business to excel.

What else does a managed service get me?

A managed IT service includes all kinds of necessary computer support to ensure your business needn’t worry. Our team monitors your servers 24/7 to check the health and state of the server and to see if any viruses have presented themselves.

Any internet slowness or internal network issues related to switches and wireless will be swiftly dealt with to allow the workflow to continue optimally. All software issues can be dealt with in isolation at specific workstations if required, as well as improving speeds and removing viruses.

We can also perform minor installations which include printers, faxes or scanners as well as rectification of preexisting software.

If you need computer support even in creating, modifying, deleting or disabling user accounts or emails, we can certainly do these for you. Furthermore, computer support such as resetting passwords and assisting workers in configuring remote access to their computers are all included with a managed service.

All the computer support you need is right here and available with Crawford IT, call today and let us help you tomorrow!