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When it comes to IT services for medical practices, many underestimate the complexity of the IT systems that are associated. With varying disconnects between software packages which require individual integrations for each and a high understanding for the workings of these systems, it is imperative that you hire an IT professional that is knowledgeable and highly experienced in this area. Previously, medical practices could look after their own IT issues, however, with the growing complexity of medical practice software, this is no longer the case.

Here at Crawford IT, we have years of experience dealing with the medical industry and know how medical centres, specialists, and allied health practices operate. Whether you are a sole practitioner, small family practice or a large medical centre, we have the knowledge, expertise and passion for providing you with first-class IT support.

To find out how specialised IT services from Crawford IT can help you with your medical practice, keep reading:

Why You Should Outsource Your Medical IT Support To Us!

As a medical practice, your sole purpose is to provide quality health care services to your patients and their families with care and integrity. With healthcare IT becoming more complex over the years, it requires more time to manage, meaning it also leaves you less time to focus on running a profitable and successful practice while still being able to provide your patients with exceptional care.

Outsourcing these IT support tasks to a professional IT support provider such as Crawford IT will ensure that your IT systems are managed professionally by an expert who understands how your business functions, allowing you to focus on running your practice and what is truly important.

What We Do!

We understand that the world of IT can come with a range of terms that can be challenging for someone unfamiliar. It is why we will also speak in a way that is relevant to your industry when referring to your IT service needs, ensuring that you have a good understanding of what is required and why.

We have the knowledge base to support an extensive range of medical industry software and integrate it all together including GP clinical software, Medicare and other online billing systems, specialist software, pathology downloaders, consulting room terminals and much more.

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