Live and breathe the Cloud with hosted PABX and high-speed enterprise Internet connectivity

I don’t need a phone system? I can operate from anywhere?

A typical question we get asked by our customers…

Consolidate your infrastructure with Crawford IT. We have the capability to provide all your voice and data requirements.

  • Cloud Hosted Voice with 3CX
  • Internet Connections including NBN, SHDSL, Fibre and Dark Fibre
  • On Premise with 3CX

We have deployed numerous 3CX solutions ranging from a few handsets to a couple hundred handsets.
Crawford IT is a certified 3CX Silver Partner.

Our software development capabilities means you can integrate your other software solutions with the phone system. This includes the CRM you might be using!

In fact, we can even provide the telecommunications links via our wholesale agreements with TPG and Vocus (as well as their sub-brands).

Give us a call for your next project

  • Converting your existing phone system to VOIP/SIP
  • Integrating a CRM into your phone system so you know who is calling you
  • Or full-blown software integration or development that may involve connectivity to your phone system


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