Computer Trouble Slowing You Down?

Crawford IT Has The IT Solutions You Need

There is nothing more frustrating than encountering a disastrous computer error that adds time and stress to your job. Working tirelessly to overcome these issues to be able to continue your day’s work can become incredibly taxing.

All Adelaide businesses, big and small, have varying IT needs but recently there has been a substantial increase in the demand for IT solutions and managed IT support. Crawford IT Adelaide specialises in first-class IT solutions that will have your business operating at full capacity, and that will eliminate many of the common problems that arise.

If you’ve been enduring a few speed bumps lately, then the IT solutions that Crawford IT provide could be what you need precisely to propel the growth of your business.

What IT solutions do we offer?

Crawford IT offers both managed and outsourced IT services for small and large businesses respectively. Our managed IT solutions offer unlimited helpdesk and onsite support as well as 24/7 monitoring, so you’ll never be without instant advice.

The managed IT solutions we provide also include full call volume and uptime reporting, solution consulting and scheduled onsite maintenance visits to ensure that your entire computer department continues to operate at its full capacity.

One of the other IT solutions that we have is our outsourced IT services. Our outsourced IT services are more suitable for businesses that employ more than 100 employees that could use some extra help or to provide IT solutions in conjunction with an in-house operator that wants to reduce single points of knowledge.

The outsourced IT solutions that we provide include a dedicated IT support person onsite for a minimum of 3 days per week. We also offer performance management and KPI for your viewing and provide a service level agreement guarantee.

Our IT solutions offer a wealth of experience

The highly skilled IT solutions workers from Crawford IT Adelaide have toiled in many different industries and are familiar with a wide range of software. For instance, in the construction industry, which is a particularly complex industry when it comes to IT solutions, we use technology that effectively streamlines workflow.

We draw upon our background and extensive experience in the fields of accounting and law, and maintain strong ties with many Adelaide accounting and legal practices. Whether it’s on-premise IT solutions or cloud services that you require, we have you covered.

Our team has years upon years of progressive experience within the health and medical industry and a deep understanding of how medical centres, specialists and allied health professions operate and thus has the IT solutions to manage these workplaces.

If you think it’s about time that you sorted out the IT at your Adelaide workplace, then look no further than Crawford IT to provide you with unmatched IT solutions!